Disability Insurance

The Income Protection Assurance platform is reinventing the way agents and advisors offer disability insurance to their prospects and clients.

Features of the product:

  • Monthly Benefits up to $20,000/month
  • Elimination Periods of 30-90-180-365 days
  • Benefit Periods of 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, age 65 & age 67 (top occ classes)
  • Guaranteed Renewable
  • 2 Year Own Occ
  • Built-In Partial Disability Benefit pays 50% of Monthly Benefit for 6 months
  • 24 month limitation for Mental, Nervous, Drug and Alcohol related disabilities
  • A- Rated Carrier

 It is important to know who this product is NOT for:

  • This is NOT a Guaranteed Issue product
  • This is NOT an Impaired Risk product
  • This is NOT for doctors, dentists, attorneys and highly-compensated executives


One of the huge benefits of the Income Protection Assurance platform is the use of Artificial Intelligence in the underwriting process.  Instead of taking days, weeks or even months for your client to receive an underwriting decision, they will receive a decision as soon as they complete the app and sign with an e-signature. **

And it gets better.  Take a look at the highlights of the underwriting process:

  • No income verification for W-2 employees up to $4000 Monthly Benefit.  Income Documentation required for Self-Employed if Monthly Benefit exceeds $2500
  • Non Med for applicants age 50 and younger who apply for $4000 Monthly Benefit or less
  • MIB, MVR and Script Check are completed during application process
  • E Signature for client
  • Availiable in all states except NY

While we wish every applicant would be approved as applied for, we all know that will not be the case.  But if your client does have an adverse underwriting decision, it will occur within minutes, not days, weeks or months.


** Not every scenario can be determined by the A.I. underwriting process, so there will be occassions that an application will be referred to an underwriter who will make a decision with 24 - 48 hours.


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